30th October 2012. Message from Vynce
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Author:  Vynce Leff [ Tue 30 Oct 2012 10:19 ]
Post subject:  30th October 2012. Message from Vynce

So, here it is finally... 30th October 2012. "Blind ?" is officially released. What a nice conclusion to a terrible and chaotic period of our musical life. I wanted to tell you that producing this album was probably one of the most difficult things we ever did. And I also wanted to say that I am very proud of what we've accomplished. It is intense, moving, expressing much of what we have felt these last 3 years. It is also ambitious -yet instantly accessible, with long progressive tracks, hidden complexity, evermodulating harmonies, contemporary approach of orchestra and piano that you won't probably find in other bands. I strongly believe that *it is* what you like about Whyzdom - and there's absolutely no chance that we'll choose the easy way in the future... just like children grow as adults, I hope that Whyzdom music will continue to grow and become even more mature than it is today.

But enough said... We also wanted to thank YOU all, Whyzdom friends, for not having let us down, for having been so patient. We have intensely felt your continuous support, and you can't imagine how important it's been. Comments, private messages, "shares", "likes", it gave us strength and confidence. We owe you so much !

So, now you can enjoy the result : "Blind ?" is here and we sincerely hope that you'll feel that it's not only "Whyzdom new album", but it is also YOUR album.

The path is clear now ! We are rehearsing to prepare our future shows. See you all on the road ! Take care.


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