Poll about your favorite songs from Blind?
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Author:  Vynce Leff [ Tue 13 Nov 2012 16:32 ]
Post subject:  Poll about your favorite songs from Blind?

Here is a poll on Facebook : What are your 3 favorite songs from Blind ?

You can answer here (and also in the french section, no problem we can mix languages :D )


Author:  Vynce Leff [ Tue 20 Nov 2012 12:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Poll about your favorite songs from Blind?

Results :

1- Cathedral Of The Damned
2- Dancing With Lucifer
3- Cassandra's Mirror
4- On The Road To Babylon
5- Paper Princess
6- The Spider
7- Venom And Frustration
8- The Lighthouse
9- The Wolves
10- The Foreseer
11- Lonely Roads

First thoughts about that first 'Blind?' poll :

Wow, Cathedral Of The Damned is the most appreciated track of the album. Honestly, we feared that it was too "progressive", too complex, too long, to get this high ! We are very proud to hav...
e such a open-minded audience ! That's really great !

Then we have Cassandra's Mirror and Dancing With Lucifer. We are not surprised since we think they really sound like "classic Whyzdom" - especially Dancing With Lucifer with its huge choir. By the way, did you notice the odd metrics of the choir ? This is typical of progressive rock/metal. We really enjoy playing that !

Paper Princess and Babylon come next. Very important songs. Paper Princess is very special to me. It's the story of a battered child. Babylon is also a very "whyzdomian" song, very epic, and I think it will be a highlight of our future shows.

Then come Venom and The Lighthouse. Great songs too. I'm just surprised that The Lighthouse didn't get higher marks. It was the first song we unveiled - we like it so much. That's a new proof that you can never tell which song will please the most when you release an album.

The less favorited songs are the Wolves, the Foreseer and Lonely Roads. Well, in this kind of poll, there *must* be some loosers. What I notice is that they're all quite at the end of the album, so that attention may be a little less focused, before the most important song that comes last.

I'm wondering if the poll could have been different with a different track order ?


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